Mentorship often plays a significant role in the life and career of young lawyers. That is why we're in the process of pairing attorneys with students at local law schools.

our mission:


Giving back to the community is a part of our mission and to that end we organize group volunteering at local non-profits in Los Angeles.

To serve lawyers of this county, to promote the administration of justice, to enhance attorney professionalism, to give back to the community and to cultivate positive relationships among members of the Bar.


Each year we host a live speaking event geared towards educating members of the bar on the latest hot topics that affect the citizens of Los Angeles County.


Join our networking events to meet other Downtown LA lawyers! Our events attract lawyers of all practice areas including plaintiff, defense, current judges, politicians, and law professors.

Downtown Los Angeles Bar Association is looking for new Board members.  Are you interested in developing your network and working with some of the great folks who have thrown some of the largest attorney mixers in Downtown? 

Please send inquiries regarding your interest to:

Include a short description of why you should be considered for the Board.